Vertical Gland Less Pumps

Vertical Gland Less Pumps

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The Vertical Gland Less Pumps are a centrifugal pump and as the name suggests, this does not have any gland and or mechanical seal arrangement. The Vertical Seal Less Pumps is for all practical purpose called the zero leakage pumps. Hence all toxic and corrosive liquids can be handled without any leakage. The vapour seal is dry running seal, which prevents the acid vapour from reaching the motor.

The main advantage of the pump is the elimination of any form of seal or packing arrangement In the absence of a seal and bearing on the pump side, the pump can run completely dry for an indefinite period and without any ill effect.

Operating Data


up to 50 m3/hr


up to 45 mtr.

Discharge Size:

25 mm to 50 mm


80° c


up to 3500 rpm


up to 4.5 kg/cm2




  • Electro plating, steel rolling mills.
  • Water treatment plant, effluent treatment plant
  • Excellent for transfer and loading- unloading like HCL, sulphuric acid/alkali, caustic liquid.
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases liken NH3, CO2, SO3, SO2, I2, F2, BR2, CI2,etc..
  • For handling liquid in various industries like textiles, paper, cellulose, sugar, steel, food, etc….
  • Ideal for circulation of chemical in metal finishing industry.
  • Natural choice for pickling line & scrubber in steel plants.
  • High capacity transfer pump, filter, press for dyes & chemicals, descaling, oil & other fuels.


  • No.1 choice for effluent treatment plants since there are no mechanical seals glands.
  • Can run dry due to absence of shaft seals
  • Few parts facilities maintenance